Hits: Ihr seid so leise - Partyalarm - Hard to say im sorry - Phatt Bass

W2016: "Hard to Say I'm Sorry 2016" will be released in June. This will only be the beginning of the new album, which will be released in 2017. You can already be curious about what Gino "Aquagen" will bring with it in surprises!
2015: Aquagen Together with Freddy Fader, the singles "Yeah & Back Again" can be heard in the clubs worldwide. The single with Andre Spencer - "Here Without You 2.0" was released in October and has reached the pool position of the German Dance Charts.
2013: The single "Sirens" together with Romez & Damark was released on 29.11. Published in 2013 and has reached as well as all other Aquagen singles the top ten of the dance charts.
2012: The single "You're So Quiet! 201 (shit, shit quiet) beat again all records in the German Dance Charts. Also with this track Aquagen was able to enter the German Media Control Charts and with the "Ihr Seid So Leise Tour" the discotheques in Germany let out loud.
2009: With "Hard To Say I'm Sorry" 2K9 was the start of the new year. As in 2002, the 2K9 version again conquered the pool position of all dance charts. This was followed by the Best Best Of album "So Far So Good". 10 years of Aquagen and the whole hits on a CD.
2008: After the huge success in 2000 in the whole world of "Blade (Phatt Bass)" there is today a new edition of the classic. Together with Sweden Ali Payami brings Aquagen & Warp Brothers the classic in a contemporary garb back on every floor's of this world. "Blade" reached number one in all dance charts in Germany Austria and Switzerland. And got into the media control charts.
ith the debut single IHR SEID SO LEISE and the successor PARTYALARM, AQUAGEN brought German-language techno to the top of the charts and with the new interpretation of the pop classic HARD TO SAY I'M SORRY they proved that CHICAGO are also suitable for the club. With the 303-club-anthem PHATT BASS there was a lot of bass in the US and since the hits EVERYBODY'S FREE in collaboration with ROZALLA, DANCE FOR ME with the comedian INGO APPELT, GIRL (UHH UHH YEAH YEAH) and The Pipes Are Calling clear: AQUAGEN are by no means mayflies in dance culture! If you write the Who Is Who of the dance scene, then AQUAGEN would be guaranteed among the top 10 most successful German dance producers. Because 10 single chart hits, 3 chart albums, innumerable no. 1 placements in the dance charts, and lots of awards from the Golden Record to the Echo and Viva Comet Music Award Nomination can not be deceptive. Gino Montesano aka Aquagen has also produced for various artists and projects and with more than 200 publications of one of the most successful producers in Germany until today. His heart beats on and on for his project Aquagen, which he loves and lives to this day you see again and again in his DJ sets.