Victoria Kern

Victoria Kern is an international female DJ, singer, model and actress. She is best known for her appearances in a variety of hit-breaking music videos on TV and YouTube.

Victoria stared to work as a model in her early youth and later got in contact with the music business when she performed as a dancer at festivals and events like Sensation White.
A video director asked her to perform in a music video of chart breaking act R.I.O. and shortly after release of the video it outperformed all expectations. Until today the video of “R.I.O. feat. Nicco – Party Shaker” is one of the most viewed dance videos of all times reaching 190 Million views on YouTube.

At the same time Victoria met DJ duo Bodybangers who asked her to perform vocals on a track they were producing together with DJ Klaas in the studio. Victoria who had never worked as a singer before considered this opportunity exciting.
The result was outstanding and a short time afterwards the track “Klaas & Bodybangers – I Like” topped all expectations: Most watched music video of the week in Germany as well as Top10 most watched music video of the world. Spurred by this new experience Victoria and Bodybangers decided to collaborate from now on.
They toured clubs and festivals all around the world and released many hit records such as “Tonight”, “Get Up” and “Gimme More” just to name a few. Other international stars like Pitbull and Flo Rida followed to request Victoria’s vocals on her tracks resulting in “Flo Rida & Victoria Kern – Camouflage” and “Astoria feat.
Victoria Kern and Pitbull – Show Me What U Got”.

While touring together with Bodybangers Victoria got introduced in djing by the Bodybangers. She started to learn mixing records and introduced her skills within the Bodybangers sets.
After gaining experience and creating her very own sound it was just a matter of time for Victoria to present her skills to the audience of clubs and festivals all over the world.

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