Topless DJane Miss Diva

MISS DIVA - Europes #1 Topless Djane
This Dutch female DJ started a revolutionary worldwide new DJ concept with an erotic taste! DJ Diva started her career on New Year Eve 2002 at the famous EX - PORNSTAR Party's. In 2000 a DJ booth was installed in her house. So she was able to practice mixing any time she liked! She planned to celebrate the New Year Eve night 2002 at the famous Expornstar party as a visitor, but suddenly the organization asked her to go home to get her records because one DJ couldn't come. After playing a great set in front of 1000 people in a hot and amazing atmosphere, during her set, they asked her to take something of...!?
And so she did, Topless DJ Diva was born! From that moment clubs asked Diva to come perform as DJ Topless. She creates a hot vibe so many more gigs at parties and events followed, first events and club-night's with an erotic touch! In 2005 she was asked to open an outdoor event by jumping topless out of a plane on the beach of Scheveningen/Den Haag! Nowadays she plays in places all over Europe & the world, such as Club Jimmyz in Cannes for the Lion D'or Award's, Expornstar parties, Space, Wasteland, Quote Magazine Party, and club night’s & tours in; Greece, Germany, Spain ,france, Balkans, China, Portugal, Central America & South Africa, with full radio and TV exposure! And putting up a great show flirting with her DJ' skills and erotic vibe, changing from extravagant to erotic clothes, taking it of as she dj's. She can be booked in combination with a go-go and erotic pole dance show. Her sound can be best described as commercial club/electro deep house with many familiar sounds. Please check her mix’s on this site. As her slogan sounds:
Music is for the ears, but the eyes need something as well, So let me turn you on!!! DJ Diva brings you the best Topless DJ set & show ! This is the best and first Topless DJ in the world

Style: House / Electro (commercial - club)

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