Commander Tom

COMMANDER TOM – everybody remembers his amazing comeback with the perfect rework on “Are am Eye?“ containing a massive rmx-package beginning of 2004. (# 1 in all German dance charts, 3 weeks in Media Control sales charts and top positions in dance + sales charts all over the world). Now he is back with his new single “Attention!” and this tune contains the well-known original female vocal samples of “Superstar” – the biggest hit of Tom Novy vs. Eniac in 1997. The rights for using these samples are cleared with Kosmo Music. On board we have awesome remixes by Steve Murano, Maiwald + Fiedler, F&W (aka Tukan), Jan Driver etc.! The first results from the DJs and the crowds in the clubs are totally amazing. The track entered # 6 of the DDC (most important dance charts) only through vinyl sales. The fully promotion in radio, clubs and TV and a video-clip will be done very shortly. Attention! The Commander is back again with his next mega hit!

Well unless you’ve been living in a cave the last 10 years the name COMMANDER TOM shouldn’t need any introduction!! COMMANDER TOM has been DJing and creating music for the last 17 years. He has played at almost all the big raves around, including Energy 92-96, Tribal Gathering, Omni 93, Rave City 3&4, Union Move, Time Tunnel and all the Love Parades. In the last 7 years he has also been playing in countries like Malaysia, South-America, South Africa and Japan as well as club gigs in New York City, Sydney, Toronto , Los Angeles. It's a nearmiracle how he still finds the time to run 7 labels and about 20 music projects. Not only the label leader of the successful German Noom imprints (with its departments in New York and London) - he is also in charge of Deluxe Germany and UK, Monkey Business, 12 inch Monkeys and Phan-Tom. He also owns the Deluxe Sound Lab studios 1 and 2. Tom has worked for various labels under the following guises of Commander Tom, Tom Deluxe, Koenig Deluxe, Mandala, Nexus 6, The Freaquez, Andy Trex, Chef New Yorker, Phan-Tom, Waterhouse, Toronto and many more. The massive list of remixes he did counts more than a hundred and contains reworks for Sourmash, Baby Doc, Chris Liberator, Eric Powell, The Acen, U96, Acrid Abayence, Tesox, DJ Sammy, RMB, Jon The Dentist...
Throughout the mid- to late '90s, when trance and techno were growing continually further apart, Commander Tom helped define the murky area between the two. The German producer/DJ/label head released music that was both trance and techno at the same time -- a unique sound he trademarked as his own. Commander Tom showcased his blend on mix albums like the long-running Commander Tom in the Mix series. His Noom label became a trend-setting outlet for his productions and the work of other producers with a similar style. Furthermore, Commander Tom travelled the world as a first-class DJ. Beginning in 1996 he began releasing annual volumes in the long-running Commander Tom in the Mix series. In 1999 Commander Tom plans to do less remix work so that he can concentrate on composing movie- and videogames soundtracks and start work on his first album for Bush, and singles for The Advent’s new label - Kombination Research, Primate and the follow up on Tortoured Rec. He also plans to launch a new Noom sub label - ´Liquid´, to feature various artists who are into creating ambient soundscapes. In August 99 Commander Tom’s most wanted track ARE AM EYE (NOOM 013) has been re-released with new remixes (by Silent Breed, Jon the Dentist, Ray Boyé and others and now it’s the right time to do it once again! … the story (without a sense) goes on….

COMMANDER TOM strikes back! … better than ever before!